Linda McQuaig, February 2012 - photo by Keith Penner
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Flexing military might is capitulation to Trump, despite Liberal spin - Dateline: 19-Jul-17

In praise of the income tax, on its 100th birthday - Dateline: 06-Jul-17

NAFTA's dirty secret: it lets US control our oil - Dateline: 08-Jun-17

Infrastructure bank won't best serve the public - Dateline: 11-May-17

Justin Trudeau lacks leadership on UN nuclear talks - Dateline: 13-Apr-17

Fighting fake news about Canadian health care - Dateline: 16-Mar-17

Israeli stance hinders Trudeau's chances of seat on UN Security Council - Dateline: 16-Feb-17

The trouble with billionaires masquerading as populists - Dateline: 19-Jan-17

Creeping privatization is putting medicare at risk - Dateline: 21-Dec-16

Race relations off to bad start with Trump presidency - Dateline: 24-Nov-16

Privatizing airports a flight risk - Dateline: 27-Oct-16

If only we had followed Douglas Peters path - Dateline: 14-Oct-16

Immensely gratifying to witness Clinton disarm Trump - Dateline: 30-Sep-16

CETA will undermine Canadian democracy - Dateline: 01-Sep-16

Elizabeth May shouldn't run away from BDS - Dateline: 22-Aug-16

The case against privatizing Hydro One - Dateline: 04-Aug-16

Sanders' populism, not Trump's, is the most transformative - Dateline: 28-Jul-16

Not just bigots and boors oppose trade deals - Dateline: 07-Jul-16

Different tax rules for wealthy and powerful - Dateline: 09-Jun-16

Postal banking an investment worth delivering - Dateline: 12-May-16

Why the ruckus over the Leap Manifesto? - Dateline: 14-Apr-16

What I learned from my foray into politics - Dateline: 17-Mar-16

The upside of Kevin O'Leary's political ambitions - Dateline: 22-Jan-16

Why are Canadians subsidizing executive stock options? - Dateline: 18-May-15

View Toronto Star columns (archives) - 08 August 2005 to 30 July 2013

View iPolitics columns (archives) - 02 April 2014 to 10 June 2015

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