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No more silence about the torture of animals - Dateline: 21-Dec-17
  There is an odd disconnect between the way we embrace our pets as family while allowing animals that are similarly sweet and endearing to live miserable lives on factory farms – and to endure horrific deaths.

Morneau and Trudeau are looking out for the rich - Dateline: 23-Nov-17
  The finance minister's company has been involved in converting workers into riskier pensions, which of course haven't affected managers.

Demise of Sears Canada should be catalyst for change - Dateline: 26-Oct-17
  We're by no means helpless to prevent such fiascos. We need to change our corporate laws so those controlling corporations can be held personally liable for money owed to their employees.

Time to end tax breaks that benefit the rich - Dateline: 27-Sep-17
  The real beneficiaries of the tax loophole targeted by the Trudeau government is high-flying corporate lawyers, businesspeople, accountants, doctors, dentists, insurance and real estate agents.

Canada abandons proud history as 'nuclear nag' when most needed - Dateline: 30-Aug-17
  It's not too late for the country to play leadership role in global struggle to abolish nuclear weapons and outlaw them forever.

NAFTA needs an overhaul to improve workers' rights - Dateline: 06-Aug-17
  NAFTA has been key to the transformation of Canada over the last two decades, enabling corporations to become ever more dominant economically and politically, while rendering our labour force increasingly vulnerable and insecure.

Flexing military might is capitulation to Trump, despite Liberal spin - Dateline: 19-Jul-17
  The prime minister's pledge to hike military spending by a whopping 70 per cent over 10 years succeeded in winning praise from Trump while going largely unnoticed by Canadians, who may prefer to spend the extra $30 billion on social programs.

In praise of the income tax, on its 100th birthday - Dateline: 06-Jul-17
  The establishment of an income tax should be regarded as a nation-building event – ultimately as important as what was achieved on the battlefield at Vimy or the conference room in Charlottetown.

NAFTA's dirty secret: it lets US control our oil - Dateline: 08-Jun-17
  Mexico's fierce defence of its sovereignty stands in sharp contrast to the easy submission to Washington's energy demands by Canadian politicians, led by then Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

Infrastructure bank won't best serve the public - Dateline: 11-May-17
  While the investment community's enthusiasm for Canada's new bank is clear, it's less clear what's in it for Canadians.

Justin Trudeau lacks leadership on UN nuclear talks - Dateline: 13-Apr-17
  Canada has refused to participate in new talks on nuclear disarmament that involve 120 other nations.

Fighting fake news about Canadian health care - Dateline: 16-Mar-17
  Whenever Americans start tinkering with their deeply dysfunctional health care system, we feel the reverberations up here, as right-wing commentators seek to denigrate our system of universal health care coverage.

Israeli stance hinders Trudeau's chances of seat on UN Security Council - Dateline: 16-Feb-17
  The prime minister's staunch support for Israel at the UN has left Canada significantly offside with world opinion, including major Canadian allies (and influential UN players) Britain, France and Germany.

The trouble with billionaires masquerading as populists - Dateline: 19-Jan-17
  The real question is whether Trump and his crowd get to define and shape that anti-status quo sentiment, moulding it into a hateful juggernaut.

Creeping privatization is putting medicare at risk - Dateline: 21-Dec-16
  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is wrong to want to reduce the federal contribution to health care. If we want to control health care costs, we should extend the publicly funded portion, not open more services to the private sector.

Race relations off to bad start with Trump presidency - Dateline: 24-Nov-16
  Key posts are offered to Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon, who have a frightening history of fighting old racial battles, only this time the president of the United States will have their back.

Privatizing airports a flight risk - Dateline: 27-Oct-16
  If the federal Liberals go ahead with the plan it will only hurt consumers and make businesses richer.

If only we had followed Douglas Peters path - Dateline: 14-Oct-16
  Cabinet minister in Chretien government fought against deficit slashing at attacking social programs in favour of fighting for full employment and supporting our social safety net.

Immensely gratifying to witness Clinton disarm Trump - Dateline: 30-Sep-16
  In the annals of women's progress, Hillary Clinton's triumph over Trump may well go down as the moment when lingering notions about male superiority were finally, irrefutably, crushed.

CETA will undermine Canadian democracy - Dateline: 01-Sep-16
  The trade pact with Europe will hand foreign corporations a powerful lever for pressuring our governments to abandon environmental, health or financial regulations.

Elizabeth May shouldn't run away from BDS - Dateline: 22-Aug-16
  It would take a leader with independence and courage to pressure Israel to end its military occupation – someone like Elizabeth May.

The case against privatizing Hydro One - Dateline: 04-Aug-16
  It's hard to diversify ownership when a public utility is owned by everyone.

Sanders' populism, not Trump's, is the most transformative - Dateline: 28-Jul-16
  The Vermont senator tapped into youthful anger that is not likely to go away while the current class war rages.

Not just bigots and boors oppose trade deals - Dateline: 07-Jul-16
  Globalization pacts, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, give too much power to corporations over elected officials.

Different tax rules for wealthy and powerful - Dateline: 09-Jun-16
  Commons review of KPMG amnesty case will test the Trudeau government's commitment to a new-style and transparent government

Postal banking an investment worth delivering - Dateline: 12-May-16
  Restoring postal banking is a great idea because it brings branches to all corners of the country and gives hugely profitable big banks some needed competition.

Why the ruckus over the Leap Manifesto? - Dateline: 14-Apr-16
  Rather than fear the Leap Manifesto, it should be debated in every classroom, church basement, union hall and Tim Hortons.

What I learned from my foray into politics - Dateline: 17-Mar-16
  Perhaps we're not so well served by a conventional wisdom that has reduced the voter to a simple-minded consumer who's only out for herself.

The upside of Kevin O'Leary's political ambitions - Dateline: 22-Jan-16
  If the broadcaster enters the federal Conservative leadership race, his candidacy could shine light on our inequality problem.

Why are Canadians subsidizing executive stock options? - Dateline: 18-May-15
  It's time to axe an executive tax break that encourages perverse behaviour while enriching the very rich.

View Toronto Star columns (archives) - 08 August 2005 to 30 July 2013

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