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Praise for Linda McQuaig & Neil Brooks, and
The Trouble With Billionaires: How the Super-Rich Hijacked the World and How We Can Take It Back
(published in the US under the title Billionaires' Ball)

"A devastating expose of the real-world impact of extreme wealth concentration from two of our most rigorous, knowledgeable and humorous chroniclers of corporate excess. An indispensable read for this political moment."
  – Naomi Klein, author, The Shock Doctrine

"Cutting commentary on disproportionate wealth by one of Canada's most provocative journalists and a leading Canadian tax expert."
  Canadian Press

"Linda McQuaig [is] one of Canada's indispensable public intellectuals who's published far more than the great majority of tenured academics."
  – Gerald Caplan, Globe and Mail

"... splendidly written."
  – James Daw, Toronto Star

"... a narrative that moves along at the clip of a detective novel... I adore this book with its policy smarts and folksy style."
  – Ellie Kirzner, NOW Magazine

"This book is chock full of hard economic facts... yet it's as readable as a crime novel. Come to think of it, this IS a crime novel – except that it's true"
  – Jim Stanford, economist, CAW

"McQuaig and Brooks have put together a compelling picture of the real cost of the growing global inequality... The authors demolish the arguments that are put forward to attempt to justify the fortunes paid to the elites."
  – Peter Prontzos, Canadian Dimension

"I was surprised how reasonable I found many of the arguments in this book"
  – Jonathan Kay (National Post columnist), Literary Review of Canada

"... the most entertaining treatment yet of our super rich – and their devastating impact on us"
  – Sam Pizzigati, Too Much (email newsletter published by the Washington-based Institute for Policy Studies)

"McQuaig and Brooks construct a devastating critique of our increasingly undemocratic new Gilded Age and the soft ride given the new robber barons."
  The Tyee

"Although the authors are Canadian (McQuaig a journalist, and Brooks one of the top tax academics in the world), they perfectly captured the current political moment in the U.S. The super-wealthy now truly run the show, and they are less shy than ever about doing so... McQuaig's and Brooks' achievement lies in making the argument that extreme wealth will do all that it can to perpetuate itself, including making taxing the rich politically toxic. The answer is not to pretend that we can ignore the power of the wealthy. The only answer is to confront it."
  – Neil Buchanan, professor of tax law and policy, George Washington University Law School

"Almost 60 years ago... two University of Chicago law professors opened an intellectual assault on progressive taxation which has been successfully operationalized by political parties on the right over the past 30 years. The Trouble with Billionaires provides a long-needed, comprehensive counterattack... The result is a rewarding one for readers."
  – Tim Edgar, Canadian Tax Journal

"The authors convincingly destroy the standard arguments for low taxes on the rich... As tax professionals, it is inevitable that our daily lives are infused with ideas that are favourable to our clients... Much better to question our fundamental values, and McQuaig and Brooks force us to do that in this book"
  – Brian Arnold, The Arnold Report, blog on the Canadian Tax Foundation website

"You really are evil."
  – Kevin O'Leary (to Linda McQuaig), Lang & O'Leary Exchange, CBC News Network

"Normally, taxation is a pretty dull topic, but not in the hands of McQuaig, a Toronto Star columnist, and Brooks, a professor at Osgoode Hall Law School. Drawing upon the history of the 1929 stock-market crash, they demonstrate how a growing gap between rich and poor contributes to economic instability, poorer health outcomes for everyone, and a diminution of democracy."
  Georgia Straight writers, in an article selecting 15 outstanding books of 2010

"Well-researched and persuasively argued... McQuaig and Brooks have provided the intellectual heft to justify that old street-corner cry of the left: Make the rich pay."
  Winnipeg Free Press

"Veteran political journalist Linda McQuaig and Toronto tax law professor Neil Brooks present a convincing case and rebut much of the conventional wisdom of the neo-conservative policies that brought us this great divide."
  The Gazette (Montreal)

"A brash and well-researched look at the super-rich."

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